Net Sci 2017

International School and Conference
on Network Science

Indianapolis, Indiana | |
June 21 - 23, 2017

Oral Presentation Information

AV equipment and tech support will be provided by the JW Marriott hotel for your presentation at the 2017 NETSci Conference. We will provide projection and screen and you will be required to provide your own laptop to connect to the projector system.

We will also provide video adapters for standard ports (VGA, HDMI, DVI, mini-DVI, mini-DisplayPort, USB-C).

Below is a listing of the session assignments of each accepted oral presentation at NetSci 2017.

Date/Time # Oral Presentation Title Presenter Authors
Wed 6/21 A1 - Brain I
2:00-2:20pm 67 Spectral Mapping of Functional Brain Connectivity from White Matter Structural Graphs Victor Preciado Victor Preciado
2:20-2:40pm 111 High-resolution structural connectivity reveals modules within brain regions Marcus Kaiser Peter Taylor, Yujiang Wang and Marcus Kaiser
2:40-3:00pm 248 Higher-order synaptic interactions shape neocortical activity beyond pairwise structure Brendan Chambers Brendan Chambers and Jason MacLean
3:00-3:20pm 316 Optimal modularity in rodent cortical slices Nathaniel Rodriguez Nathaniel Rodriguez, Yong-Yeol Ahn, John Beggs and Zachary Tosi
3:20-3:40pm 363 Mapping joint structural-functional connectivity traits in the human connectome Enrico Amico Enrico Amico and Joaquin Goni
Wed 6/21 A2 - Diffusion and epidemics I
2:00-2:20pm 342 Disease spreading processes through the lens of multilayer networks Yamir Moreno Yamir Moreno
2:20-2:40pm 22 Susceptible-infected-susceptible dynamics on the rewired configuration model Guillaume St-Onge Guillaume St-Onge, Jean-Gabriel Young, Edward Laurence, Charles Murphy and Louis J. Dubé
2:40-3:00pm 184 Co-existence of multiple SIS processes on temporal networks: implications for control of bacterial infections in hospitals Francesco Pinotti Francesco Pinotti, Éric Fleury, Didier Guillemot, Pierre-Yves Boëlle and Chiara Poletto
3:00-3:20pm 227 Between mixed and networked populations: a new parameter to predict the spread of disease Ewan Colman Ewan Colman, Andreas Modlmeier, David Hughes and Shweta Bansal
3:20-3:40pm 357 Evolutionary cooperation, yes or no? Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad, Kai Seegers, Alessio Cardillo and Philipp Hoevel
Wed 6/21 A3 - Social Media I
2:00-2:20pm 20 Detection, Estimation, and Characterization of Bot Nodes in Social Networks Onur Varol Onur Varol, Clayton Davis, Prashant Shiralkar, Emilio Ferrara, Filippo Menczer and Alessandro Flammini
2:20-2:40pm 92 Do We Really Need To Catch Them All? A New User-guided Social Media Crawling Method Piotr Bródka Fredrik Erlandsson, Piotr Bródka, Martin Boldt and Henric Johnson
2:40-3:00pm 238 Scaling up early detection of pupular memes on Twitter and Tumblr Pik-Mai Hui Pik-Mai Hui, Alireza Sahami and Filippo Menczer
3:00-3:20pm 347 Tradeoff between information quality and diversity in online social networks Diego F. M. Oliveira Diego F. M. Oliveira, Xiaoyan Qiu, Alireza Sahami Shirazi, Alessandro Flammini and Filippo Menczer
3:20-3:40pm 394 The Ripple Effect: You Are More Influential Than You Think Yan Leng Yan Leng, Xiaowen Dong, Esteban Moro and Alex Pentland
Wed 6/21 A4 - Biology
2:00-2:20pm 14 The Network Architecture Of Embryo Developmental Regulation Bradly Alicea Bradly Alicea and Richard Gordon
2:20-2:40pm 115 Minimal functional networks: How much network do you need to live? Rasoul Rajaei Rasoul Rajaei, Sean Cornelius, Emma Towlson and Albert-Laszlo Barabasi
2:40-3:00pm 237 Highlighting the Complex Network Structure of Epigenetic Regulation using Message-Passing Abhijeet Sonawane Abhijeet Sonawane and Kimberly Glass
3:00-3:20pm 424 Predicting protein-protein interactions with latent geometry Maksim Kitsak Maksim Kitsak, Rodrigo Aldecoa, Ivan Voitalov, Asher Ameli, Amitabh Sharma, Nathan Johnson, Andi Dhroso, Dmitri Korkin and Dmitri Krioukov
3:20-3:40pm 450 Community structure of functional and anatomical muscle networks Tjeerd Boonstra Tjeerd Boonstra, Jennifer Kerkman, Leonardo Gollo, Andreas Daffertshofer and Michael Breakspear
Wed 6/21 A5 - Phase Transition
2:00-2:20pm 109 Network Characterization of Mechanical Percolation Samuel Heroy Samuel Heroy, Bill Shi, Dane Taylor, Peter Mucha and Greg Forest
2:20-2:40pm 245 Clustering determines the dynamics of complex contagions in multiplex networks Osman Yağan Yong Zhuang, Alex Arenas and Osman Yağan
2:40-3:00pm 246 Universal golden time in hybrid percolation transitions Wonjun Choi Deokjae Lee, Wonjun Choi, Janos Kertesz and Byungnam Kahng
3:00-3:20pm 255 Double phase transition in asymmetric percolation processes such as Zika Laurent Hébert-Dufresn Laurent Hébert-Dufresne, Benjamin Althouse, Samuel Scarpino and Antoine Allard
3:20-3:40pm 359 Structural Transitions in Densifying Networks Renaud Lambiotte Renaud Lambiotte, Paul Krapivsky, Uttam Bhat and Sidney Redner
Wed 6/21 B1 - Brain II
4:10-4:30pm 102 ECO or: a possible criterion to filter information in complex brain networks Fabrizio De Vico Fallani Fabrizio De Vico Fallani, Vito Latora and Mario Chavez
4:30-4:50pm 334 Multidimensional encoding of structural brain connectomes; build biological networks with preserved edge properties Franco Pestilli Franco Pestilli, Brent McPherson, Daniel Bullock, Andrea Avena-Koenigsberger, Joey Contreras, Andrew Saykin, Olaf Sporns and Cesar Caiafa
4:50-5:10pm 153 The Eurekometric Connectome: Discovering unexplored areas of neuroscience research Malhar Jere Malhar Jere, Ravi Kiran Raman and Lav Varshney
5:10-5:30pm 42 Correspondence of connectome architecture with intracranial functional brain networks Richard Betzel Richard Betzel and Danielle Bassett
5:30-5:50pm 107 Low dimensional morphospace of topological motifs in human fMRI brain networks Sarah Morgan Sarah Morgan, Sophie Achard, Maite Termenon, Ed Bullmore and Petra Vertes
Wed 6/21 B2 - Diffusion and epidemics II
4:10-4:30pm 218 Modeling the Spread of Research Areas in the Computer Science Faculty Hiring Network Allison Morgan Dimitrios Economou, Allison Morgan and Aaron Clauset
4:30-4:50pm 293 Mapping International Spreading Risk of 2015–16 Zika Epidemic Ana Pastore-Piontti Qian Zhang, Ana Pastore-Piontti, Kaiyuan Sun, Matteo Chinazzi, Natalie Dean, Diana Rojas, Stefano Merler, Dina Mistry, Syed Haque, Piero Poletti, Luca Rossi, Margaret Bray, M. Elizabeth Halloran, Ira Longini and Alessandro Vespignani
4:50-5:10pm 196 Parasite spreading in spatial ecological multiplex networks Massimo Stella Massimo Stella, Cecilia Andreazzi, Sanja Selakovic, Alireza Goudarzi and Alberto Antonioni
5:10-5:30pm 44 Inferring dynamic contact networks of infectious disease spread in wildlife populations Pratha Sah Pratha Sah and Shweta Bansal
5:30-5:50pm 457 Vulnerability of livestock trade networks to epidemics Vittoria Colizza Vittoria Colizza
Wed 6/21 B3 - Social Media II
4:10-4:30pm 163 Dynamics of Disagreement: Large-Scale Temporal Network Analysis Reveals Negative Interactions in Online Collaboration Taha Yasseri Milena Tsvetkova, Ruth Garcia Gavilanes and Taha Yasseri
4:30-4:50pm 133 Group Polarization in Opinion Network Dynamics Michael Gabbay Michael Gabbay, Zane Kelly, Justin Reedy and John Gastil
4:50-5:10pm 94 Beautiful and damned. Combined effect of content quality and social ties on user engagement Rossano Schifanella Luca Maria Aiello, Rossano Schifanella, Miriam Redi, Stacey Svetlichnaya, Frank Liu and Simon Osindero
5:10-5:30pm 453 Beyond sentiment analysis: quantifying individual mood from natural language Rui Fan Rui Fan and Johan Bollen
5:30-5:50pm 24 Emergence of Echo Chamber Networks: The Effects of Social Media Mechanisms Kazutoshi Sasahara Kazutoshi Sasahara, Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Alessandro Flammini and Filippo Menczer
Wed 6/21 B4 - Medicine
4:10-4:30pm 242 The multiplex network of human diseases Arda Halu Arda Halu, Manlio De Domenico, Alex Arenas and Amitabh Sharma
4:30-4:50pm 143 Compensatory interactions to stabilize multiple steady states or mitigate the effects of multiple deregulations in biological networks Gang Yang Gang Yang, Colin Campbell and Réka Albert
4:50-5:10pm 236 Understanding Tissue-Specific Gene Regulation Kimberly Glass Kimberly Glass, Abhijeet Sonawane, John Platig, Maud Fagny, Cho-Yi Chen, Joseph Paulson, Camila Lopes-Ramos, Dawn Demeo, John Quackenbush and Marieke Kuijjer
5:10-5:30pm 249 Global Metabolic Interaction Network of the Human Gut Microbiota with Community-level Disease Implications Pan-Jun Kim Pan-Jun Kim, Jaeyun Sung, Seunghyeon Kim, Josephine Jill Cabatbat, Sungho Jang, Yong-Su Jin, Nicholas Chia and Gyoo Yeol Jung
5:30-5:50pm 297 Identifying phenotype-relevant modules from a tissue-specific biological network: Application to an amygdala imaging genetics study in Alzheimer's disease Xiaohui Yao Xiaohui Yao, Jingwen Yan, Kwangsik Nho, Shannon Leigh Risacher, Casey Greene, Jason Moore, Andrew Saykin and Li Shen
Wed 6/21 B5 - Theory and Measurement
4:10-4:30pm 290 Scale-free networks are rare Anna Broido Anna Broido and Aaron Clauset
4:30-4:50pm 335 Configuring random graph models with fixed degree sequences Daniel Larremore Daniel Larremore, Bailey Fosdick, Johan Ugander and Joel Nishimura
4:50-5:10pm 247 Patterns and Anomalies in k-Cores of Real-world Networks Kijung Shin Kijung Shin, Tina Eliassi-Rad and Christos Faloutsos
5:10-5:30pm 303 Multiscale mixing patterns in networks Leto Peel Leto Peel, Jean-Charles Delvenne and Renaud Lambiotte
5:30-5:50pm 330 Edge-exchangeable graphs and sparsity Trevor Campbell Diana Cai, Trevor Campbell and Tamara Broderick
Thur 6/22 C1 - New Applications
4:10-4:30pm 262 The limits of efficiency in blockchain systems: Parsimonious modelling and data Claudio Juan Tessone Tessone Claudio Juan Tessone and Paolo Tasca
4:30-4:50pm 61 Diminishing returns with size for parallel computation capacity of neural architectures Giovanni Petri Giovanni Petri, Sebastian Musslick, H. Kayhan Ozcimder, Biswadip Dey, Nesreen Ahmed and Jonathan Cohen
4:50-5:10pm 194 Multiplex lexical networks reveal patterns of early word acquisition in children Massimo Stella Massimo Stella, Nicole Beckage and Markus Brede
5:10-5:30pm 135 Discovering new materials by detecting modules in atomic networks Sebastian Ahnert Sebastian Ahnert and Chris Pickard
5:30-5:50pm 175 Embedding graphs in Lorentzian spacetime Tim Evans James Clough and Tim Evans
Thur 6/22 C2 - Social Systems
4:10-4:30pm 122 What comes first? Social strength or common friends? Esteban Moro Giovanna Miritello, Manuel Cebrian and Esteban Moro
4:30-4:50pm 451 Network Happiness: How Social Interactions Impact our Well-Being Johan Bollen Johan Bollen, Bruno Goncalves and Ingrid Van de Leemput
4:50-5:10pm 385 Sharing Expertise versus Sharing Information: A computational model of team collaboration and problem solving John Lang John Lang, Noshir Contractor, Leslie Dechurch, Brian Uzzi and Pj Lamberson
5:10-5:30pm 129 Evidence of Stubbornness in Jury Deliberations Keith Burghardt Keith Burghardt, William Rand and Michelle Girvan
5:30-5:50pm 235 Rhesus macaques -- societal collapse in a multiplex social network Márton Pósfai Márton Pósfai, Niklas Braun, Brianne Beisner, Kelly R. Finn, Brenda McCowan and Raissa M. D'Souza
Thur 6/22 C3 - Techniques and Tools I
4:10-4:30pm 179 Reconsidering the impact of Stochastic Block Model performance on topological link prediction in complex networks Carlo Vittorio Cannistraci Cannistraci Alessandro Muscoloni and Carlo Vittorio Cannistraci
4:30-4:50pm 113 Inferring Influence Networks from Longitudinal Bipartite Relational Data Frank Marrs Frank Marrs, Benjamin Campbell, Bailey Fosdick, Skyler Cranmer and Tobias Bohmelt
4:50-5:10pm 274 Network Backboning with Noisy Data Michele Coscia Michele Coscia and Frank Neffke
5:10-5:30pm 285 Finding the logic backbone of a boolean network Parul Maheshwari Parul Maheshwari and Reka Albert
5:30-5:50pm 59 Identifying a Hierarchical Backbone from Bipartite Networks Woo Seong Jo Woo Seong Jo, Yong-Yeol Ahn and Beom Jun Kim
Thur 6/22 C4 - Dynamics
4:10-4:30pm 269 Fisher information as indicator of edge-of-chaos for finite Kuramoto networks Alexander Kalloniatis Alexander Kalloniatis, Mathew Zuparic and Mikhail Prokopenko
4:30-4:50pm 77 Committed activists and the reshaping of status-quo social consensus Dina Mistry Dina Mistry, Qian Zhang, Nicola Perra and Andrea Baronchelli
4:50-5:10pm 202 When is your network a network? Statistical Inference in Multi-Order Network Models of Pathway Data Ingo Scholtes Ingo Scholtes
5:10-5:30pm 318 Efficient Change Point Detection on Dynamic Social Networks Yu Wang Yu Wang, Aniket Chakrabarti, Srinivasan Parthasarathy and David Sivakoff
5:30-5:50pm 251 Self-Organization of Dragon Kings Yuansheng Lin Yuansheng Lin, Pierre-André Noël and Raissa M. D'Souza
Thur 6/22 C5 - Economics I
4:10-4:30pm 198 Pathways toward instability in financial networks Guido Caldarelli Guido Caldarelli, Marco Bardoscia, Stefano Battiston and Fabio Caccioli
4:30-4:50pm 72 Embeddedness and Transaction History Protect Companies from Link Failure in Economic Networks Julia Poncela-Casasnovas Julia Poncela-Casasnovas, Yifang Ma and Brian Uzzi
4:50-5:10pm 389 The price of complexity in financial networks Guido Caldarelli Stefano Battiston, Guido Caldarelli, Robert May, Tarik Roukny and Joseph Stiglitz
5:10-5:30pm 210 Firms' Heterogeneity in Accessing Foreign Markets: A Network Analysis Shibi He Shibi He
5:30-5:50pm 388 A climate stress-test of the financial system Stefano Battiston Stefano Battiston, Antoine Mandel, Irene Monasterolo, Franziska Schuetze and Gabriele Visentin
Fri 6/23 D1 - Culture
2:00-2:20pm 283 Novelty and Influence Networks from the Transition Network of Musical Codewords Doheum Park Doheum Park and Juyong Park
2:20-2:40pm 273 Network Science of Narratives: Dynamics and Interaction Mapping Juyong Park Semi Min and Juyong Park
2:40-3:00pm 351 Time-dependent branching of genres in the Paris Salon Maximilian Schich Maximilian Schich, Artem Bolshakov, Debra Dewitte and Diana Greenwald
3:00-3:20pm 93 The Role of Figurative Language in Multimodal Social Platforms Rossano Schifanella Rossano Schifanella, Paloma de Juan, Joel Tetreault and Liangliang Cao
3:20-3:40pm 408 The puzzle of near misses - a novelty perspective Zhongyang He Zhongyang He, Zhen Lei and Dashun Wang
Fri 6/23 D2 - Resilience
2:00-2:20pm 204 Towards Attack Tolerant Networks: Multipath Fault Tolerance Edward Platt Edward Platt and Daniel Romero
2:20-2:40pm 309 A Framework To Calculate the Cascade Size Evolution on Random Networks Rebekka Burkholz Rebekka Burkholz and Frank Schweitzer
2:40-3:00pm 409 Network topology protection in an adversarial environment Siddharth Pal Siddharth Pal, Ertugrul Ciftcioglu, Kevin Chan, Prithwish Basu and Ananthram Swami
3:00-3:20pm 350 Robustness of interdependent networks under a flow redistribution model Yingrui Zhang Yingrui Zhang and Osman Yağan
3:20-3:40pm 282 Tipping points leading to catastrophic shifts in networked populations Young-Ho Eom Young-Ho Eom
Fri 6/23 D3 - Techniques and Tools II
2:00-2:20pm 180 Rich-clubness test: how to determine whether a complex network has or doesn’t have a rich-club? Alessandro Muscoloni Alessandro Muscoloni and Carlo Vittorio Cannistraci
2:20-2:40pm 12 Integer Programming Techniques for Finding Key Players in Networks Alexander Veremyev Alexander Veremyev, Oleg Prokopyev, Vladimir Boginski and Eduardo Pasiliao
2:40-3:00pm 299 Tools for constructing graphs with fixed degree sequences Jonathan Rubin David Burstein and Jonathan Rubin
3:00-3:20pm 311 Reducing Network Incompleteness through Probing Nodes Sucheta Soundarajan Sucheta Soundarajan, Tina Eliassi-Rad, Brian Gallagher and Ali Pinar
3:20-3:40pm 86 Efficient thresholding of weighted networks Xiaoran Yan Xiaoran Yan, Santo Fortunato, Alessandro Flammini and Filippo Radicchi
Fri 6/23 D4 - Community I
2:00-2:20pm 171 On comparing clusterings: an element-centric framework unifies overlaps and hierarchy Alexander Gates Alexander Gates, Ian Wood and Yong-Yeol Ahn
2:20-2:40pm 220 A semidefinite program for structured blockmodels David Choi David Choi
2:40-3:00pm 76 Statistical mechanics of mesoscopic structure extraction Jean-Gabriel Young Jean-Gabriel Young, Guillaume St-Onge, Patrick Desrosiers and Louis J. Dubé
3:00-3:20pm 62 The many facets of community detection in complex networks Renaud Lambiotte Renaud Lambiotte, Jean-Charles Delvenne, Martin Rosvall and Michael Schaub
3:20-3:40pm 300 Nonparametric Bayesian inference of the microcanonical stochastic block model Tiago Peixoto Tiago Peixoto
Fri 6/23 D5 - Economics II
2:00-2:20pm 423 Career paths and career loops: the occupational mobility network of the Brazilian labor market Cristian Jara Figueroa Cristian Jara Figueroa, Mary Kaltenberg, Dominik Hartmann and Cesar Hidalgo
2:20-2:40pm 402 The Blessing and the Curse of Fraught Regions in a Group Coordination Game Garrett Smith Whitney Tabor, Zachary Ekves, Garrett Smith, Yu Mao and Harry Dankowicz
3:00-3:20pm 435 Hierarchy, Modularity and Community: Empirical Analysis and Modeling of Global Industrial Supply Networks Tomomi Kito Tomomi Kito, Steve New and Felix Reed-Tsochas
3:20-3:40pm 301 The Inner Circles of Women’s Networks Predict their Job Attainment in STEM Leadership Positions Yang Yang Yang Yang, Kevin Gaughan and Brian Uzzi
Fri 6/23 E1 - Multilayer Networks
4:10-4:30pm 25 Graph Product Multilayer Networks: Spectral Properties and Applications Hiroki Sayama Hiroki Sayama
4:30-4:50pm 292 Community detection, link prediction, and layer interdependence in multilayer networks Caterina De Bacco Caterina De Bacco, Eleanor A. Power, Daniel B. Larremore and Cristopher Moore
4:50-5:10pm 376 Cycles and Clustering in Multiplex Networks Gareth Baxter Gareth Baxter, Davide Cellai, Sergey Dorogovtsev and Jose Fernando Mendes
5:10-5:30pm 306 Congestion induced by the structure of multiplex networks Albert Sole Albert Sole, Alex Arenas and Sergio Gómez
5:30-5:50pm 353 Generative benchmark models for mesoscale structure in multilayer networks Lucas G. S. Jeub Marya Bazzi, Lucas G. S. Jeub, Alex Arenas, Sam D. Howison and Mason A. Porter
Fri 6/23 E2 - Science of Science
4:10-4:30pm 270 A quantitative framework for revealing disciplinary organizations of science Hao Peng Hao Peng, Qing Ke and Yong-Yeol Ahn
4:30-4:50pm 114 Hot Hand in Science: Quantifying the Dynamical Impact of Individual Scientists Lu Liu Lu Liu, Yang Wang, Roberta Sinatra, Lee Giles, Chaoming Song and Dashun Wang
4:50-5:10pm 374 Geography of Scientific Collaboration in Physics Qian Zhang Enrico Maiorino, Matteo Chinazzi and Qian Zhang
5:10-5:30pm 116 Understanding the success and failure of grant applications Yang Wang Yang Wang, Travis Hoppe, Bruce Hutchins, George Santangelo, James Evans and Dashun Wang
Fri 6/23 E3 - Geometry and embedding
4:10-4:30pm 403 The effective navigable geometry of the brain Antoine Allard Antoine Allard and M. Ángeles Serrano
4:30-4:50pm 183 Coalescent embedding in the hyperbolic space unsupervisedly discloses the hidden geometry of the brain Carlo Vittorio Cannistraci Alberto Cacciola, Alessandro Muscoloni, Vaibhav Narula, Alessandro Calamuneri, Salvatore Nigro, Emeran Mayer, Jennifer Labus, Giuseppe Anastasi, Aldo Quattrone, Angelo Quartarone, Demetrio Milardi and Carlo Vittorio Cannistraci
4:50-5:10pm 75 Time-dependent connection threshold in growing random geometric graphs Charles Murphy Charles Murphy, Antoine Allard, Guillaume St-Onge and Louis J. Dubé
5:10-5:30pm 74 Curvature-based Analysis of Complex Networks Melanie Weber Melanie Weber, Emil Saucan and Juergen Jost
5:30-5:50pm 70 Dynamical embeddings of complex systems: dynamical modules and dimensionality reduction Michael Schaub Michael Schaub, Jean-Charles Delvenne, Renaud Lambiotte and Mauricio Barahona
Fri 6/23 E4 - Community II
4:10-4:30pm 305 NestModularity measure for the join analysis of nested and modular networks Albert Sole Albert Sole, Claudio Tessone, Manuel Mariani and Javier Borge-Holthoefer
4:30-4:50pm 46 Layer aggregation with thresholding: A nonlinear filter for super-resolution community detection in multilayer and temporal networks Dane Taylor Dane Taylor, Rajmonda Caceres and Peter Mucha
4:50-5:10pm 43 Modulus of family of loops with applications in network analysis Heman Shakeri Heman Shakeri, Caterina Scoglio, Pietro Poggi-Corradini and Nathan Albin
5:10-5:30pm 349 Community Detection with Selective Zooming Ian Wood Ian Wood, Xiaoran Yan, Xiaozhong Liu and Yong-Yeol Ahn
5:30-5:50pm 354 Spectral partitioning in random regular blockmodels Paolo Barucca Paolo Barucca